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WOW Image Group

WOW Image Group

Wow Image Group specializes in full-color screen printing on apparel; direct to garment digital printing, full service embroidery, full color sign and banner service, promotional items, and full color business cards, forms and catalogs, as well as a complete graphics department.

Established in 1989 in California, the company later moved to Millersburg, Ohio in 2005. Tim and Kathy Hughes, a husband and wife team who own the business, were operating silk screen equipment along with a Brother™ GT-541 digital garment printer, which gave them the capability to print on white or light-colored shirts. When the Brother™ GT-3 Series garment printer was introduced earlier this year, the Hughes’ decided that this was the right time to purchase the printer to give them the capability to print on dark shirts.

After seeing the Brother™ GT-3 Series garment printer at a trade show in Columbus, OH, Tim and Kathy Hughes of WOW Image Group, chose to purchase and install the new printer in July, 2012. The Brother™ GT-3 garment printer gave the firm the ability to print with white ink on dark clothing, keep the customer’s designs on file for future re-orders, and produce much more intricate and vibrant designs faster and less costly than using the screen printing method.

Hughes has been able to market the new Brother GT-3 Series digital garment printer by printing a prospective customer’s logo or design on a shirt and presenting it to them free-of-charge.

More often than not, the prospect is so thrilled with the custom shirt that they place an order.

“By installing the Brother™ GT-3 Series digital garment printer, we gained a new capability to offer our customers,” says Hughes. “That capability is being able to print high quality logos and intricate designs on dark shirts. The GT-3 Series printer’s production speed on smaller orders for full color prints far surpasses that of screen print. The design, the clarity, and the quality offered by the GT-3 Series cannot be accomplished on a silk screen machine.”

“We’ve found that our customers are much happier producing shirts digitally on the GT-3 Series than on silk screening because digital lays down less ink,” says Hughes. “Customers say that they can breathe in their shirts. They don’t feel like they have a large amount of ink across the front of their chest.”

“When a customer brings his or her logo to our company, they are thrilled at how easy it is to reproduce it on a shirt,” says Hughes. “In the past we couldn’t produce just one shirt to show a customer what his logo would look like. It was cost-prohibitive and the quality was not there. The Brother™ GT-3 Series digital garment printer gives us that capability.”