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Brother GTXpro

Get the straight story on Brother DTG from industry experts - our customers.

Brother has a long history of helping screen printers, embroidery shops, specialty merchandisers, fashion designers and other businesses build market share and expand their product offerings. Our next generation of DTG printers deliver even more of the features and benefits that our partners have fallen in love with over the years, coupled with our trademark customer support. Read and watch below to find out how some of them utilize Brother DTG to create a positive impact on their companies with our earlier DTG printers.

Paul Leto of Broken Arrow T-shirt Printing and Embroidery

"Our biggest competitive advantage is turn-around time."

Paul Leto

Broken Arrow T-shirt Printing and Embroidery

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Big Frog Franchise Owner Finds DTG Perfect For Her Retail Location

Big Frog

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Big Frog Logo
Jeremy Katty of Tee Shirt Palace

“The fact that Brother was able to automate the process is the reason we went with Brother."

Jeremy Katty

Tee Shirt Palace

"Our Brother DTG printers prove to offer the perfect solution"

First Amendment Tees

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Joe Chase of Inkpressions

“We now have the ability to say yes to any size order.”

Joe Chase


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  • American Apparel

    American Apparel

    Our Brother machines are very dependable and we place a large demand on these machines daily.

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  • Cafe Press

    Cafe Press

    The reliability and durability of Brother printers are essential for our success.

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  • ColorStitch, Inc.

    ColorStitch, Inc.

    The Brother team has known our business for many years and has worked with us to ensure our success.

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  • Greathouse Screen Printing

    Greathouse Screen Printing

    We've found that the quality of our GT-3 Series printer is very fine, giving us a higher quality with more detail that resembles photographic quality.

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  • ntice


    The Brother GT-3 Series printer has provided my firm with the ability to produce dark shirts in an easy, economical manner with fast turnaround and create intricate and vibrant designs that are less costly than using the screen printing method.

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  • Think Your T-Shirt

    Think Your T-Shirt

    The Brother GT-3 gives us that flexibility to produce any design with the high quality that our customers appreciate.

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  • WOW Image Group

    WOW Image Group

    We've found that our customers are much happier producing shirts digitally on the GT-3 Series than on silk screening because digital lays down less ink.

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