Get new, lower pricing on bulk inks.


Save ink, save time and now save more money with new bulk ink pricing for your GTXpro B direct to garment printer. Engineered specifically for high-volume print shops that run multiple shifts, these large ink containers work ideally with Brother’s intelligent ink system to keep ink in a constant state of motion, so you get less waste and more uptime.

CMYK ink containers


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  • GTX pro with low ink cartridges

    Easy Ink Refills Using the Bulk Ink Station

    Designed so you can easily access and refill the large ink tanks of your machine.

    The Bulk Ink Station agitates white ink while filtering and degassing all inks. This happens before the ink gets to the print heads, keeping your supply in an optimal running state.

  • CMYK ink containers

    Lower Running Cost

    Shops that create a high volume of prints everyday can help save money by purchasing either the 1.8 liter ink bottles, or the 18 liter ink containers for your machine.  As your printing volume increases, ink containers can be purchased at a lower price per cc.

  • illustration depicting the white ink circulation process

    Total White Ink Circulation

    White ink circulation occurs in four key areas of the GTXpro B.

    • The ink tank
    • The sub tank
    • The ink lines
    • The ink print head
  • line chart: print speed. GTXpro B in high speed mode: 69 seconds; GTX: 80 seconds; GT-3 series: 231 seconds

    Increased Production Speed

    GTXpro B features a High Speed Print Mode along with Firmware Improvements that allows for up to a 20% increase in speed when printing CMYK + White ink prints at 1200 x 1200 dpi.

  • a clean wet cap

    Enhanced Maintenance Station

    Redesigned wet caps allow for up to a 45% reduction in time when performing automatic cleanings. Improvements to the wet capping system help to minimize clogs on the print heads and maintenance station. Enhancements to the drainage system allows for longer periods of continuous operation.

  • computer monitor with a generic workflow graphic on the screen

    Automation Integrated into Your Internal Workflow.

    Examples of SDK (Software Development Kit) automation include:

    • Automate the process of creating a proprietary ARXP file. An ARXP file is a machine-ready file that GTXpro B reads to receive all of the print settings.
    • Review daily production numbers and printer maintenance prompts remotely.
    • Send data via USB or LAN connection.
    • Additional features available.

Yes, it's really that fast and really that easy

Print more than Tees with GTXpro B. It is designed for innovation and versatility, pushing the boundaries of DTG printing beyond just t-shirts. Unleash your creative potential on shoes, bags, caps and more.

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