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Brother GTXpro

The next generation of Brother DTG Chemistry - Innobella Textile Inks for the GTXpro Printer

The next advancement in DTG technology comes with its own advanced ink and a brilliant set of benefits. Print with greater vibrancy and a larger color range than ever before. Have less of an impact on the environment with cartridges that use less plastic. Produce prints that stand up to multiple washings and maintain their integrity even longer. All of this with the convenience and dependability Brother DTG is known for. That's the promise of Innobella Textile Inks.

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More Colors, Brighter Colors

Take your prints and designs farther and make them more colorful than you ever dreamed possible. Our formulated inks actually provide a bolder, wider range of colors that make it simple to reproduce designs more accurately and with a visible increase in vibrancy.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our bolder, brighter Innobella Textile inks are water-based pigment inks and are ECO PASSPORT by OKEO-TEX® certified, CPSIA complaint and GOTS Approved Additive for CMYK and White Inks. The innovative packaging uses less plastic thanks to the replaceable pouches so there is less waste and less impact on the environment.

Exceptional Washability

Designs printed with Innobella Textile inks are meant to be worn, not worn out. The special formulation combats the chemicals found in typical laundry detergent and withstands the rubbing and scraping of zippers and buttons. The result is a great looking garment that looks brighter, longer with proven washability as evidences by AATCC wash tests, where our inks score 4.0 or higher on every test.

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Tested and Certified

Safety must always be top of mind with any product, and with Innobella Textile inks you can be confident that your products are safe for all ages.