Features that allow you to run longer and do more with fewer resources.

What makes the GTXpro B the right choice for your garment decorating business? For starters, Brother builds only industrial-grade garment printers, with print heads, software and firmware that we manufacture. Plus, we’ve developed a proprietary bulk feed system for our own specially formulated inks for even less maintenance time. That attention to every detail means we know that every component is up to the rigors that your business demands. That’s what makes the GTXpro B the cornerstone of your production process and the ideal way to grow your business.

Print with Speed

High-speed print mode generates and increase in print speed of up to 20% compared to standard print mode.

Print up to 42 dark garments per hour (11” × 11” design at 1200 × 1200 DPI in CMYK + white in high-speed print mode). Print up to 57 light garments per hour (11” × 11” design as 1200 × 1200 DPI in standard CMYK-only mode). Examples of prints on light and dark colored garments.