Maximize the power of a roll to roll direct to film solution.

Expand your options beyond t-shirt printing and open up many additional opportunities for your business! Utilizing Direct-to-Film, broaden your product offerings and increase your sales. Customize large, bulky items, cleanly apply to synthetic fabrics, and work with items requiring lowercuring temperatures, or increase your efficiency with small left prints by printing a whole sheet at a time.

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A jersey and duffel bag that utilizes Direct-to-Film printing

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Creating customized shoes is a breeze with the right gear. Here are the items you need to get started:

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Watch this video to see the process of creating customized products using DTF and a Brother DTG printer or scroll down to see a step-by-step tutorial.

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The Process of R2R Direct to Film Printing

Step 1

Using Digital Factory Direct to Film edition, create the print file using the appropriate ink settings - which may vary based on the design.

Computer screen showing GTX Graphics Lab software
GTX Pro printer

Step 2

Brothers GTX R2R attachment will feed the roll of film during the printing process.

Release the print print file to the R2R printer and press the print button.

Step 3

The Brother GTX R2R will automatically feed into the adhesive application and curing device.

Person demonstrating coating the film with adhesive powder
Showing the process of curing the adhesive powder

Step 4

Prepress the garment or item for 2-5 seconds to remove wrinkles. Flip the film over on to the garment and position it in place. Cure by referring to the DTF brands instructions for guidance on specific curing conditions.

Step 5

Remove the garment or item from the heat press and follow the films removal instructions based off the DTF brand.

Garment on heat press
Person peeling film from the garment

Step 6

Repress the garment based on the DTF brands instructions for guidance on specific curing conditions.

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