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Brother GTXpro

Do More with Brother DTG!

Create custom footwear & more to expand your business!

Printing t-shirts is a great way to build a foundation for your business, but why stop there? With our shoe platen, you now have the ability to create customized shoes helping to expand your product offering and increase your sales. Our Brother DTG printers have a large print head-to-substrate gap that allows them to print over seams, zippers and even shoe eyelets. Ready to learn how? Just simply read or watch the videos below!

Custom shoes printed with a Brother DTG printer

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Creating customized shoes is a breeze with the right gear. Here are the items you need to get started:

Tank top printed with GTXpro printer

AccuLine Camera System (optional)

Black t-shirt printed with GTXpro printer

Blank Shoes

Tank top printed with GTXpro printer

Any Brother DTG Printer

Blue long sleeve shirt printed with GTXpro printer

HeatGun or Conveyor/Dryer

T-shirt with Hawaiian print printed with GTXpro printer

Masking Tape

Black t-shirt with grumpy old man saying Happy Faces printed with GTXpro printer

Shoe Platen

Black t-shirt with colorful sunset printed with GTXpro printer

Double Sided Tape

Let's Get Started

Watch this video to see the process of creating customized footwear using a Brother DTG printer or scroll down to see a step-by-step tutorial.

More Shoe Platen Videos

The Process of Shoe Printing

Step 1

Using the masking tape, mask off the parts of the shoes you don’t want printed (i.e. rubber soles,…).

Masking off the soles of a shoe
Pretreating a shoe with a Brother DTG pretreat

Step 2
Pretreat the shoes

Pretreat the shoes with the appropriate type of pretreat. Use a light garment pretreat when printing only CMYK inks on a light-colored shoe. Use the Brother DTG pretreat for printing a dark-colored shoe or when printing with white ink.

Step 3
Cure the Pretreat

Cure the pretreat using a heat gun.

For larger production needs, speak with a DTG Specialist about using a conveyor dryer/box.

Curing a shoe with a heat gun
Placing a shoe on a Brother DTG shoe platen

Step 4
Shoe Insert

Cover the correct size Shoe Insert with double sided tape and load the Shoe Platen on the Brother GT Printer.

Step 5
Load the blank shoes on the Shoe Platen.

Loading a shoe onto a Brother DTG shoe platen
Using an alignment jig to position a shoe on a Brother DTG shoe platen

Step 6
Determine the appropriate positioning

Using the included Alignment Jig from the Shoe Platen or AccuLine determine the appropriate positioning of the artwork in the template in your graphic software program.

To learn more about how the AccuLine Camera System can make it easier to print in precise locations, visit

Step 7
Print settings

Select the desired print settings and send the print file to the Brother DTG printer.

Note: For some shoes, it may be best to run the printer in uni-directional print mode to print crisp designs.

Printing a shoe with a Brother DTG printer
Pressing the green button on a Brother DTG printer

Step 8
Print the blank shoes by pressing the green button

Step 9
Cure the ink

Carefully remove the printed shoes from the shoe platen and remove the masking tape.

Then cure the ink using a heat gun or conveyor/dryer box.

Curing a shoe with a heat gun

See how to make your prints pop even on dark colored shoes.

Printing a black shoe with a Brother DTG printer
Vibrant Customized Shoe