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Expand your prints with Brother DTG!

Create polyester prints and more in minutes!

Are you interested in adding polyester prints to your bottom line? If you’ve ever tried printing on polyester, then you know that one of the most challenging aspects is to achieve the same bright prints that you typically get when printing on 100% cotton. Luckily, we have the perfect solution, our DTG Pretreat light garment pretreat fluid! DTG Pretreat allows you to print high-resolution prints, with CMYK ink only on light or white polyester garments in just minutes.

When trying to print polyester and synthetic garments with white ink, it is challenging to achieve the same bright prints and washability that is regularly achieved with cotton fabric at this time.

Are you ready to see how? With our step-by-step guide, recommended tips, and instructional videos below, see how you can keep your business fashion forward with one of the hottest fabrics on the market.

Final products of CMYK polyester printing

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Printing With CMYK Inks

Let's Get Started

Watch this video to see the process of creating a polyester print using a Brother DTG printer or scroll down to see a step-by-step tutorial.

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The Process of CMYK Printing on Polyester

Step 1
Select a polyester garment to print

We recommend choosing a light or white colored garment as printing with polyester requires CMYK ink only, there is no white ink involved.

Note: We recommend when printing on any new garment to perform a wash test to make sure it meets your customer’s satisfaction before going into production.

Selecting a polyester garment to print
Pretreating a polyester garment

Step 2
Pretreat the garment

Pretreat the garment with the appropriate amount of DTG Pretreat based on the fabric content. Using a spray bottle can provide an even coat of pretreat over the area of the garment that will be printed.

Note: Recommended pretreat amount for 100% polyester garments is 18 to 20 grams. Blend and cotton garments may use less pretreat.

Step 3
Cure DTG Pretreat

Cure DTG Pretreat using a heat press at 356 degrees (f) for 35 seconds or until the steam stops. You may also cure using a conventional dryer/oven.

Note: Place a piece of silicone or parchment over your shirt before curing to prevent the transfer of residual ink onto the shirt.

Curing DTG Pretreat with a heat press
Loading a polyester garment onto a platen

Step 4
Load the garment

Load garment onto the Brother DTG platen.

Step 5
Send the artwork to the Brother DTG printer

Send the artwork to the Brother DTG printer from either GTX Graphics Lab or your graphics software. Select CMYK Only in the print settings.

Optional: In your print options, add color multiple pass printing for finer detail on your prints.

Sending artwork to the Brother DTG printer
Pushing the green button to begin printing

Step 6
Push the green button to begin printing

Step 7
Remove your garment

Carefully remove your garment off the platen once it has finished printing and cure. To cure, use either a heat press once again for 35 seconds at 356 degrees (f) or a conventional dyer.

Note: If using a heat press we recommend that you use a piece of parchment or silicone paper over your print to prevent the ink from transferring to the press.

Removing a polyester garment from the platen
A completed polyester print on a garment

Step 8
Print Complete!

Your print is complete! Repeat this process for your next polyester print.

Enhance Your Other CMYK Prints

Make sure to apply DTG Pretreat to other printed items to get sharper and brighter images on all types of fabrics and substrates. Watch the video to see how it helps color pop even on stone coasters.

CMYK prints on coasters
Printing On Coasters