Brother Custom Printing Platens

Get more, print more with Brother DTG platens. We offer a wide variety of platen sizes for different applications, including oversized, sleeve, youth and baby platens for different placement on clothing items, such as printing on jacket hoods and backs, sleeves and socks, shoes, bibs, baby body suits and more.

GTXpro printer equipped with a shoe platen


Explore the variety of platens available for your GTXpro printer.

  • youth platen

    Youth Platen

    10” × 12” / 25,4cm × 30,5cm

  • baby platen

    Baby Platen

    7” × 8” / 17,8cm × 20,3cm

  • oversized platen

    Oversized Platen

    16” × 18” / 40,6cm × 45,7cm

  • xl platen

    XL Platen

    Max out the printable area of
    16″ × 21″ / 40,6 × 53,3cm

  • shoe platen

    Shoe Platen

    3 shoe inserts for variety of sizes and styles.

  • cap platen

    Cap Platen

    For structured and unstructured caps

  • sleeve platen

    Sleeve Platen

    4.25” × 15” / 10,8cm × 38,1cm

  • t-lock platen

    T-Lock Platen

    Quick disconnect, multi-platen kit.

  • touchdown platen

    Touchdown Platen

    Multi-platen kit.

  • wrap around insert

    Wrap Around Insert

    For use with T-Lock and Touchdown bases.

  • shoulder insert

    Shoulder Insert

    For use with T-Lock and Touchdown bases.