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Fashion printing

How can Direct to Garment printing help your business?

If anything changes as fast as popular fashion, it’s technology. The trends and design techniques of yesterday simply won’t cut it tomorrow. That’s why as a designer, you have to keep pushing your brand forward with products that are fresh and exciting and customized.

With Brother direct-to-garment printing, you can fully explore the entire world of digital art and enjoy the freedom to apply your designs in ways you’ve only dreamed about.

Brother DTG points your business fashion forward. So what are the benefits of direct to garment printing?

  • Outstanding reproduction value
  • Create one-off and custom designs with ease
  • Eliminate dead inventory
  • Apply your designs where you never could before
  • Embrace technology and abandon all limits
  • Do it all in one pass

To learn how Brother DTG can help you choose the right equipment for your business, download our Fashion white paper.

Fashion white paper

White dress sample
Dress sample
Jean sample
Tank sample
Jean sample
Tank sample
Open vest sample
Back sample

Benefits of Brother DTG Printers

  • Achieve high-resolution, crisp graphic detail with full-color capability
  • Eliminate the cost-to-color ratio with other printing methods
  • Enjoy the flexibility of printing one-off pieces, as well as medium and full production runs
  • Offer customized products and build a loyal customer base
  • Expand design location possibilities with ease, printing over zippers, seams and more